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I'm a politically minded hacker. I like, follow and try to be involved in the cypherpunk movement. I have been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2011, small-time mining and trading, as well as coding on altcoins and some bitcoin APIs. At the end of the day, I think that cryptography can enable our civilization to thrive as private individuals or private groups of individuals. It can not only allow us to put out our thoughts freely without having to worry about government oppression or oppression by anyone else. Even for communities that cannot freely exercise their human rights, they can use cryptography to move messages of freedom within their people, support revolutions and organize the unorganized masses against oppressive regimes.

Cryptography is our way out. Where progressivism and conservatism fail on the moral and economic nature of the 21st century, technology and cryptography provide a way out of these archaic thought methods that define our political realm in a dogmatic way. Not only can cryptography provide means for private economy, it can also pave the way to true free speech. Both are especially helpful in fighting against oppressive regimes and corrupt so-called democracies who shun their citizens' rights.

In light of the social, political and military events of unparalleled circumstances that have consumed us in the last twenty years (1990's onwards), the new world order and big brother are not just conspiracy theories and distant futurist novels, but a daily reality. Europe and the Americas are plagued by illegal immigration. Africa is getting poorer and sicker. The middle east are a breeding ground for extremism, corruption, intergovernmental racketeering, drug trades, slavery, sex trafficking and misery.

All that said, the society in the western world is suffering the ill effects of unopinionated antithesis. We have anticapitalists running around with iPhones, socialists, feminists and so called social justice warriors fighting "fascism", while their own ideas and practices are sicker than those of Hitler and Stalin combined.

We are running wild. While the East is running nuclear tests, our attention is monopolized by the mainstream media who shove lies down our throats. While some are trying to rebuild their countries and get up to speed with modern society and technology, we've started heading the opposite way. Some are fighting for women's real rights and we're debating if the man with the fancy clothes should be called a he or a she, or invent some new pronoun

I aim to discuss about politics, economy, technology and how cryptocurrencies, cryptography, and revolutionary digital ideas can reshape the political world as we know it and bring us on a new level of technological advancement, security, morality and economic prosperity. I'm a master of none of the above, merely a student through my own research. All opinions are my own. English is not my mother tongue, spelling and grammar corrections are welcomed.




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If Bitcoin is better than fiat why is adoption slow?

Bitcoin adoption is not slow. On the contrary a few million people use it just after 9 years after it was introduced. The people actually love the idea of Bitcoin, but they're scared to have to store Bitcoin for themselves. Even with all the bank scandals in the world, even with the Cyprus haircut and the Greek capital controls, the people still prefer to have the bank handle their money.

In a sort of sense they are right. It is difficult to handle fiat currency safely and securely. If one has $50,000 in savings, it's not considered the safest bet to store them at home, even in an unbreachable vault. For what it's worth, for $50,000 thieves are willing to break the wall surrounding the vault and carry the entire vault with them until they can find a way to open it. Similarly, the other kind of thieves -banks and politicians-, can simply pass a law that decides that all deposits bigger than $5,000 will be used to bailout the bank institutions or the government. Magically i…

The Bitcoin white paper before Satoshi decided to call it "Bitcoin"

The below is probably not the original PDF, however it contains what I and a few others consider to be the original writing (based on review from Wei Dai possibly).

Edit: As confirmed by Gwern this document's source is from another fake Satoshi. As it was emailed to me anonymously from someone that keeps sending me stuff like this anonymously (possibly an encounter I had on a forum or mailing list), the best source to verify such a document would be from the people who have already done some research on this. Have a read on Gwern's page about the ecash.pdf document and the Nakamot/Dai emails

Electricity, a real currency

Value is a strange thing. What do humans really value? Food? Housing? Clothes? Well, of course those things have intrinsic value as we need them to survive. But to have an economy you can't rely on food or other items required for survival as once they're spent, they're spent forever. We need something which can be spent for good but produce something which can stay in circulation forever, or at least for quite a long time. We also need something that cannot be easily destroyed, cannot be forged and is easily identifiable as the item in question. Most importantly, we need something which humans identify as truly valuable. Thus, this something should also be able to be used for other purposes, without removing value from the a potential byproduct which may have the qualities mentioned and can be used as money.

For centuries, this concept has found refuge in precious, or rather let's call it rare, metals. Silver, platinum, gold and many others, with the most valuable be…